We are very pleased with our recent bathroom renovations.  From our initial consultation through to the end result, 
Swenson Construction did great work.  Their team was professional, courteous and very skilled. The project manager 
worked closely with us to determine our goals for the renovations, and was extremely helpful in suggesting solutions 
and options that ultimately lead to a great finished product that was perfect, prompt and as promised.  We highly 
recommend Swenson Construction.

– Homeowner: Mary and Neil Heston


I have been utilizing Swenson Construction's contracting services for the past 9 years. In that time, I have found them 
to be professional and proficient and always complete services in a timely manner. In an industry that is very competitive, 
not only has their quality of work met expectations, it has exceeded them. I would highly recommend Swenson Construction. 

– Glenn Morrissette, Chaise Realty


I am writing to recommend Swenson Construction for the superior work they have provided both of my companies for the past 3 
years. I own both a home renovation company and many rentals. I can't tell you how much easier it makes my life knowing that 
all I have to do is make one simple call and the job is done correctly the first time and in a timely manner. Not like these 
other "great companies" that I tried in the beginning that needed daily monitoring/babysitting and calling them back 3 and 4 
times to get the work completed correctly. On top of that, the jobs took weeks longer to complete than I was told.

I can't give Swenson Construction enough praise for how simple they have made my life. I am able to renovate multiple houses 
at a time due to their one stop shop. I simply do a walk through with them before the project starts and they tell me what to 
expect. They start the next day and when the project is finished, we do an inspection of the work and move onto the next project. 
I have yet to have a complaint with them, nor have they missed a deadline.

On top of that, I also own over a dozen rental properties and manage many more. Whenever there's an issue with a property, I 
simply call Swenson Construction. They handle 100% of my issues that come up from owning properties. From 10 pm plumbing issues 
to the AC going out in the Summer time, they have been there, same day to address the issues along with drywall repair, texture 
and painting that is needed after. There is a lot to be said for only having to make one call instead of 3 different calls to 
3 different contractors.    

Swenson Contractors has always provided me with quality, efficient, and low prices and I am confident that they will do the same 
for you. 

– Joshua Neitz, Family Trusts and Associates


I began using Swenson in 2009 when brokers were responsible for paying for all repairs. As Roe Realty grew to the largest REO
brokerage in Tampa Bay, covering 3 counties with multiple REO clients, Swenson was able to meet the demand of our inventory 
levels nearing 300 properties. Examples of why I continue to use them are: 

1.) Timeliness. Swenson has always understood the importance of time bids and work. Their turnaround time for bids is 24 
hours and once approved, complete work early or on time. They understand the Fannie Mae pricing guide and are able to work within
those parameters to get the job done quickly.

2.) Pool Service. The typical cost in my market for weekly chemical treatment ranges from $20 -$25 a week depending on size 
of the pool. Swenson negotiated a price of $35/week for chemical treatments as well as the following:
  1. Drain pool, clean and refill
  2. Pressure wash the deck and pool interior to refilling
  3. Vacuum weekly
  4. Drain to within 1 inch of the bottom of the return in the wet season
  5. Power wash the filter element to keep the equipment running smoothly as needed
  6. Code violation abatement with heavy chemicals on properties that don’t have electric or equipment, at no additional cost

3.) Emergency Preservation and Maintenance outside the scope of P&M vendor.

  1. Quality roof tarps installed properly that don’t shred, guaranteed
  2. Water extraction and mold remediation
4.) Landscaping Packages.  Swenson began including red mulch in landscaping packages before it was the industry standard, 
at no additional charge. The extra cost was $12 - $15 per house, which they absorbed.

5.) Quality Work. Not only do I use Swenson for REO repairs, I also use them to repair and maintain property management 
homes. Several of my investor landlords now use them for property renovation and rehab because of the quality of their work.

 If you want a company that is innovative and willing to work with you in reducing your cost, then I highly recommend you consider
Swenson as an SAM vendor.

– Clifford L. Roe, Roe Realty